The Pete Braley Show Podcast is a way for Pete to stay connected to you.

We’d like to bring back many of the features that we shared for years on the morning radio show.

We want to bring you interviews with interesting people and people with a connection to our area.

Please let us know about people you would like to see interviewed or let us know about positive stories in your life.


Episode 27  A Red Sox season and World Series; Halloween; Call Your Mama; Thank you to the D.E.F. and check out Harmonix.

Episode 26 How I did with my Red Sox prediction; Are the TBS announcers really biased; Racism in America and What’s the future of high school football?

Episode 25 We talk about the Top 5 Baseball movies of all time, I’ll tell you about a new author I’ve discovered; read a Facebook post from a teacher who has had enough; Review the new movie “Chappaquiddick” and tell you about our Great Bakery Tour.


Episode 24 has my Red Sox prediction, a TBT look at Opening Day line-up, A new football league that will start after the Super Bowl, Local stores opening and one that’s closing, and Sister Jean and Loyola

Episode 23 looks at a number of topics. The Blizzard, Oakland Coffee Shop Says No Police, and Blues Clues Returns.

Podcast 22 is with Accuweather’s Dean Devore where we ask, “How can it be 70 degrees in Boston, but 54 and foggy in Fairhaven.

Podcast 21 is with Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe. He covers the Red Sox. Peter is from New Bedford and talked about covering the team.

Podcast 20 was about military flyovers. My son’s squadron recently flew over Hynes Stadium in Pittsburgh. A lot of planning goes into those flights.

Podcast 19 was a talk with four friends in four different parts of the country. We talked about how the Patriots are viewed in Virginia, Texas, Florida and San Diego.

Podcast 18 was Paul Santos interviewing ME.

Podcast 17 featured Eric Fisher of WBZ-TV 4. Some background on him and then a discussion about storms, technology and more.

Podcast 16 features a talk with Jon Boutin. Jon is from Westport and now lives in Germany. He studied music and plays the trumpet and sings professionally.

Podcast 15 was our Thanksgiving episode with some recipe interviews.

Podcast 14 is for fans of “The Curse of Oak Island.” Steve and Susan Ste Marie of Plymouth actually visited Oak Island on vacation. We get Steve’s impressions and thoughts on the show.

Podcast 12 featured some thoughts on how to save am radio.

Podcast 11 had a long term winter forecast with Dean Devore at Accuweather.

Podcast 10 featured an interview with Crystal Blaylock from the National Stroke Association.

Podcast 8 featured my daughter Sarah and couponing.

Podcast 7 was all about books.

Podcast 6 talked about Hurricane Irma and by debut as play by play.

Podcast 5 we talked about food and recipes.

Podcast 4 featured an interview with Accuweather’s Dean Devore.

Podcast 3 was our back-to-school special with Mrs. Marcia Guy.

Podcast 2 featured a chat with Acushnet’s Julia Chongalides.

Podcast 1 explains what this is all about.



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