Finding a Topic and No More Best Friends?


I’m having my weekly dilemma: What to write about this week for my Sunday column. The family just laughs at me because I guess I do this every week.

Hmmmm. The Olympics? NAH, everybody writes about that. We used to joke around on the Morning Show about “Games we’d like to see at the Olympics ” The pothole slalom, getting four kids to school and yourself to work on time.”

I am feeling a case of the winter blues. Maybe a column on how to battle that?????




Did you see this video yesterday?

It just looks like something I’ve seen in a horror movie. HOWEVER, if it can let the dogs in and out I’d be happy with that as they seem to go out over and over again some days.

Hmmmm, Really?

Did you have a best friend growing up? Well, there’s a growing movement to ban best friends.

The movement isn’t a ban on friendship, it’s just geared towards having children broaden their friendship circles and become more inclusive and a lot of educators think it’s a good idea.

Rumored to have first started in Prince George’s South London school this push to breakup best friends is catching on, says clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg. And while it may be raising some eyebrows Greenberg who works with children and adolescents says there’s some good rationale behind it.

“I see kids come in all week long who are feeling dreadful because they are excluded and because they are either nobody’s best friend or their best friend has moved on,” Greenberg said. The point is to teach children to be inclusive at an early age rather than exclusive.

“Let’s face it, you can’t ban somebody from having a close relationship, and you can’t really ban somebody from having a best friend but what the schools are trying to do is foster the idea of kids having more than a single friend,” Greenberg said.



The hometown of Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard has unofficially upgraded its name in his honor. A sign welcoming visitors to the Colorado mountain town of Silverthorne was changed over the weekend to “Goldthorne” after the 17-year-old snowboarder captured the United States’ first gold medal at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.



ABC News is reporting that student leaders at California High in San Ramon pulled the national anthem from school rallies saying there are racist lyrics in the unsung verses, including a phrase using the word slave. Some parents though say the Star Spangled Banner is sacred. For decades, claims have cropped up attacking the anthem as racist. The California chapter of the NAACP once asked Congress to find a different song to be America’s national anthem. The local school board says it was not aware the song was pulled from student rallies and is looking into it.



Ten years ago: Under oath and sometimes blistering questioning, seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens told Congress: “I have never taken steroids or HGH,” while his accuser, former personal trainer Brian McNamee, sat a few feet away

In 1972, Led Zeppelin had to cancel a concert in Singapore after authorities would not let the group off the plane because of their long hair!




Tortellini is a signature dish from the Italian region of Bologna, where they claim to have created this stuffed pasta packed with flavor. Ravioli, tortellini, and tortellacci are all part of the same family of stuffed pasta. The most common fillings for tortellini are ham, white meat, and Parmesan cheese.


From cyberbullying and identity theft to fraud and human trafficking, the internet can be a frightening place. Safer Internet Day and aim to make the internet a better place.


The last day of Carnival and the day before for Ash Wednesday, Fat Tuesday is the intertwining of a period festivals and feasts that lead to a time of fasting and reflection. Also known as Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras, this enduring celebration has many traditions and deep roots around the world.

World Radio Day is about celebrating radio, why we love it and why we need it today more than ever.



Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”


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  1. I was just thinking of all the precious people in my life and their roles when I saw your ” best friends” article/reference. Maybe OK for our littlest kiddos but ask anyone lucky enough to have their besties after 30, 40, 50 years if they’d rather have more friends or a few great ones. No contest.

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